Evolving the Center for Communication Compliance brand identity


The client

Center for Communication Compliance (CCC), the only single source for healthcare regulatory compliance e-learning, software, and change management.

The challenge

CCC was one-product start-up that has grown into a full-service regulatory compliance enterprise with a full suite of innovative products. A new corporate identity was needed to reflect its ability to implement its suite of offerings as individual, off-the-shelf products, as well as customized packages.

The result

Visual Fuel Design refreshed CCC’s original corporate logo and color palette to develop a new CCC Visual System “look and feel” that relates the company’s offerings to the corporate brand. A website was completely re-designed to be simplified and feature who they are, what they do, and why that matters to their customers. The new branding is contemporary helps clarify the CCC offering in a meaningful memorable way.

The elements

A new visual identity, logo suite, and infographics were used to create a fresh new website, corporate communication brochures, business cards, and signage.